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For Multiple Retailers

Thousands of opportunities can be harvested from every roll

  • Promeroll provides impactful messages that are hand delivered at the till, and supports all retail channels.
  • Merley provide a full in house design studio who work with your Marketing Department to provide concept designs to either target a specific promotional campaign or enhance your own brand awareness.
  • Use Promeroll to promote your App.
  • Promeroll can promote your brand by highlighting your use of Social Media and provide smart links on every receipt.
  • Merley can design QR Codes to promote your website and use Aurasma to link your Promeroll to promotional videos and other media.

Thousands of opportunities can be harvested from every roll, which can make it more cost effective than local newspaper advertising or leaflet drops.

You can use Promeroll to create an income stream by selling advertising space on the reverse non-thermal face.